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Renegade Staging can provide ADA access ramps for any event indoors or outdoors. We use the ADA required 1” of height rise is equal to 1’ of ramp run (If your stage is 24” tall, you will need a required 24’ long ramp). Our ADA ramps can be used with your in-house stage or permanent built-in stage. We can configure the ramp to meet your needs, from a “Straight Run”, to a “U”, or “L” shaped ramp depending on your space restraints. We can configure ramps from 0”- 60” in height and for those applications where space is very limited or where there is just no room for an ADA ramp, we offer our ADA compliant wheelchair lift.


"Great experience, we have used them for the past six years for our fourth of July party's in Northville and they always delivered the inflatables and tents ahead of time. Very happy with service. "

Terry Ozak

"Awesome, rented tables and chairs last minute, great service!!!"

Andrea Cooper

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