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We offer several different types of rolling risers and rolling stages. Our drum & keyboard risers use 3.5” Polyurethane for most onstage rolling applications. For those larger or heavier duty rolling stages, we offer the more robust 6” non-marking phenolic castors with or without castor brakes. When you need to roll across artificial turf or real turf, we offer the larger 10” X 4” pneumatic turf tire (air filled). These tires are designed to carry the load across soft turf surfaces without sinking or making deep indentions. Our rolling risers and rolling stages come in a wide range of heights, from 8” to 6’ and offer sizes from 4’ x 4’ to 40’ x 40’. You make it “Rock” and we will make it “Roll” with our risers & stages.

"Great experience, we have used them for the past six years for our fourth of July party's in Northville and they always delivered the inflatables and tents ahead of time. Very happy with service. "

Terry Ozak

"Awesome, rented tables and chairs last minute, great service!!!"

Andrea Cooper

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