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Renegade Staging offers one of the best portable staging brands in the event rental industry, which is the “StageRight” Brand. It is regarded as the most versatile, and highly adaptable to any event indoors or out.  We offer several different types of understructure leg supports to meet any client’s needs.

The ME1000 leg support series is the most popular in event stage rentals, offering heights from 16” – 78” and comes in All-Terrain (AT) for outdoor use & Arena-Style (AS) for flat floor indoor applications. These support legs are totally adjustable in 2” increments to fine tune stage heights with a 6” screw/leveling foot.

The Heavy Duty (HD) Z- Leg supports offer a quick and easy way to set-up stages indoors. The HD Z-Leg offers the same deck “Bridging” as the ME1000 series, but in a more compact and easily transportable style. They range in height from 12”-32”, which covers most small to medium stages for business meetings or wedding bands.

Lastly, but always important, we offer the Stub or “Stubbie” leg support. These come in 8” or 12” fixed heights and offers a very quick, and transport sensitive way to support short height stages for awards presentations or product displays.

Now Onto The “Deck” (We Offer 2 Different Styles): 

For indoor use, the reversable deck style, which offers a grey commercial grade carpet, or a black textured fiberglass surface.

For outdoor use, or heavier use applications we offer the “AF” deck, which is a single sided deck that has a higher load capacity rating. This deck surface can be changed out, from a black texture fiberglass to a CLEAR Plexi-Glass surface.  Other surface options could be painted plywood, or metal grading.

Both deck options come in standard 4’ x 4’ or 4’ x 8’ sizes, as well as several custom sizes.


To round out your stage rental package we offer several accessories such as non-slip adjustable stair units,  guard rails , toe/chair stop rails, and black stage skirting.


"Great experience, we have used them for the past six years for our fourth of July party's in Northville and they always delivered the inflatables and tents ahead of time. Very happy with service. "

Terry Ozak

"Awesome, rented tables and chairs last minute, great service!!!"

Andrea Cooper

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